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1.FIFA 17 Disk Version Check: https://gyazo.com/d264527403c6fe92d4269e5d94d5271a
2.FIFA PS4 Point Version Country Description
  All Europe & Australia Disk (Europe Client)
  USA & Canada Disk (North America Client)
  Asia & Middle Eastern Disk (EU or NA or Asia Client)
  The US version is only use for US account. The EU version is only use for EU account.
  We do not take responsibility if you buy the wrong version.
3.How to get the points on the console?
You should log on your console first, and then establish an UT, and set the security  answer.
4.If you find there is no points on the account, please Reboot the console and re-connect FUT.
5.How to buy FIFA points with Wallet Funds:https://gyazo.com/665f0d38c4f9abb4938ced662a14fe42
6.How to obtain FIFA 17 Xbox One Points:http://www.fifacoinsbuy.com/news_108494.html